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Friday, October 28, 2016


What a lovely well written story this is. I was captivated by the beautiful time period that it is set in .  The author does a wonderful  job of making the story come to life with vivid details of the town and people. As I read the book I thought about all those shows that I use to watch.  They  captured the spirit of the hard working men as they worked their land and cared for their families.  The women cooked and cleaned and did their part taking care of the animals. It was not an easy time, but they were grateful for what God had provided for them. This story brings all that to life with characters that you fall in love with.

Nora is a wonderful seamstress but lacks in the romance department. She has a brother and sister-in-law that treat her like their maid. I disliked them both with their sharp tongue and utterly disgraceful way they addressed her . It's time she stand up and live her life. I did like her shyness and thought the author did a great job of giving her strength to stand up to her family. Those were such great scenes to witness Nora's freedom from the clutches of her family. Will her scheme finally bring her freedom to live her own life?

Simon is one of several brothers in a family that work hard and try to keep food on the table for their family. I loved his strong and noble   character. He never backed down from a fight and tried to keep his family from being too lazy. He knew the importance of working the land and expected other family members to contribute. One day everything changes when Nora makes a proposition to Simon. What does she offer him?

The story moves at a great pace and I felt like I was sitting by the fireplace with the family as they gathered around to talk. There are some funny moments in the story that I found charming.  I fell in love with Simon's family and wanted to sit and chat with his mother. I can't give the story away, but I can say that it is about believing in yourself, trusting others and giving your heart to the right person.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion and I was not compensated for it.

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