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Saturday, October 29, 2016


It's so nice to read a new book from one of my favorite authors. I opened the book and started reading and before I knew it, I was crying. The beginning is so emotional and felt so real I wanted to go hug the couple and wish them well.  Riley and Paige have been best friends forever. As Riley exits the plane, he is a completely different person from when he was home last.

 After a tour in Afghanistan Riley comes home to face some challenges. What happened to him in Afghanistan? I loved his character so much. He is a strong and fit man with perhaps a bit of stubbornness to go along with his moody attitude. I loved when he discovers he will be staying with Paige for awhile. Can two best friends live together after Riley ran off to the Marines and left the one girl he loved?

Paige is a sweet and caring person. She has a big heart and wants to take care of everyone. I loved her devotion to caring for animals at the shelter. Her warmth and compassion was so well written that I wanted to be her friend. The author writes a very emotional journey between two people trying to find their way in life. The chemistry is undeniable  between them as they try to overcome situations that keep them apart. I loved how the  author writes Riley's character with some inner struggles that shine a light on a difficult  subject many   veterans face . The story is an emotional roller coaster as the characters rely on their faith to find happiness. Have you ever struggled with something and knew the only answer was to trust God?

Thank you for a story that is filled with hope, budding romances and learning to trust again. The author has provided discussion questions at the end that  I highly recommend you read. The book has left me with hope that past hurts can be forgiven and sometimes a simple kiss can bring a lifetime of happiness.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion and I was not compensated for it.

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