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Monday, April 17, 2017


This was truly an experience to read. I wasn't sure at first if I could keep all the characters straight. The author bounced back and forth between characters in a way that helped me start to connect with them. It's funny how we go through life and suddenly a memory, a sound or even a smell will give us a glimpse of a long forgotten memory. I loved how the author dug deep into relationships, mental disorders and self worth and wrote a story so compelling I couldn't put it down.

I easily identified with Jill. She starts having nightmares that she doesn't understand and they start to take over her life.  Jill doesn't understand why she is having so much anxiety along with OCD.  I was so upset when her mother felt no sympathy for her daughter. I sure know how that feels. What would it be like to learn a dark secret from your past? Could you confront those who held the secret from you? Jill's husband was a very understanding  man and I loved his devotion to stand by his wife and help her seek answers.

Melanie was difficult to connect with for some  reason until I started to know her deep hurt . She is a writer trying to finish a novel and is stuck trying to decide what direction to take it. I loved how the author used Melanie's book she was writing to tell Melanie's story. If that doesn't make sense, it will as you get to understand  her better. Her husband Craig is also a good man but I think there were times he was discouraged by their marriage.

The story is very deep and emotional and deals with grief in a way that I found comforting. Each couple is looking for happiness  and  peace. Will they find the answers they are looking for? Will Jill have a breakthrough and be set free from the nightmares she has lived with? Can Melanie finally grieve for something she kept buried for so long? With strong characters and a story that captured the heart of family  and marriage you won't be able to forget this story.  It's time to find your home  where you are happy and content.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing. The review is my own opinion. .

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