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Monday, July 9, 2018


The Gift of Sisters

I loved the story which featured two sisters. They were different in personalities but have fallen for the same young man. Jealousy is an ugly thing that can lead to bitterness and hurt. Rachel is so envious of her sister Hannah, that I'm not sure their relationship will recover . I'm not sure that Abraham is right for either sister when he tries to force Hannah to do something she isn't comfortable with. The story is so good and shows how lies can cause a friend or family member to question a person's reputation. I loved how the author took a subject that all young women face and handled it with grace.

A New Beginning

I knew from the beginning pages that Noah was going to cause lots of problems. When he gets a taste of the English world, he forgets about his fiancee Rebecca and soon trouble follows . I was heartbroken when Noah does something to devastate Rebecca. Is he making the right choice? Has the outside world influenced him to not follow through with his commitment? I liked reading how Noah struggled with his faith . I think we all do at some point in our life. The story is a nice look at forgiveness, temptation and guilt. I liked a very special character named McKenna. She is such a loving person who so desperately wants to be loved and accepted. I cheered for her as well as Rebecca and Noah. Will Rebecca forgive Noah? Can McKenna find happiness? I loved the ending and thought the characters were easy to relate to.

A Perfect Plan

Every bride wants to have the perfect wedding. They plan everything and picture the perfect day. Priscilla is excited for her big day but things start to go wrong as the big day approaches.  It's hard for Priscilla to relax and her anxiousness overwhelms her. I liked how the author shows us how worry and doubt can cause us to lose faith in God. He has a plan for us, but sometimes it not exactly what we had envisioned. I loved finding out new traditions the Amish have. I didn't know that the newlyweds stayed with the brides parents for about two months after they marry. During that time they would visit friends and family and collect wedding presents. Priscilla and Chester will need that extra time at the brides parents' house as it seems their new house is having building problems. I could sense how hard it was on Priscilla as she continued to worry about everything. Have you wanted something so bad, you worries yourself sick?  Will Priscilla and Chester have the perfect wedding? Can Priscilla let go of her worry and trust God?

A Christmas Miracle

As a mother it can be very trying as you change diapers, do laundry, clean house and cook. Mary has five children with one of them with a heart condition. Mary and her husband are doing the best they can, but some days it is too much for them. I remember when my boys were younger. I worked full time , then came home tired knowing that I needed to give the kids baths, do laundry and make sure everyone was fed. There were days I wanted to run away and wasn't sure I could do it all. My husband was a big help, but I prayed for just one day for myself. Mary feels like she can't keep up and is starting to doubt herself. The story is filled with joy and I loved how a special couple came into Mary's life. It's hard to decide which couple made the most impact on the other, but I know they were blessed and the ending is truly an inspiration.

I received a copy of this book from the author . The review is my own opinion.

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