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Friday, July 13, 2018


I cherished every word as I read this book. The author is such an eloquent writer and brings the characters to life with her words. I loved  the significance of the porch swing in the story. My grandfather had a porch swing and every summer I couldn't wait to visit him. We would sit for hours just talking and the wisdom he shared with me I will never forget.

When certain characters would sit on the porch swing, I knew it was going to be a time of memories and unconditional love. It was a place for people to sit and share their worries and be comforted. I loved Laura right away and admired her compassion to help out when her best friend passes away. It was difficult for Laura to adjust to not having her friend around, but she was blessed to be able to help take care of the baby that was missing her mother. Laura is still grieving the loss of her own mother and the loss of her best friend is a bit much for her.

Allen is a very humble man and tries his best to take care of Mollie and still run his business. The arrangement he makes with Laura to be his nanny seems like a great idea. Laura has a lot to deal with and I wondered if she took on too much too soon. Her devotion to Mollie is special and maybe being around Mollie helped her to deal with losing her best friend.  I have to say I was quite surprised that Laura stayed overnight at Allen's house.  Is this something that the bishop would be alright with? It was sure to cause problems with her boyfriend and I loved the way Laura prayed and asked for guidance.

The story is wonderful and really made me think how important it is to be happy in a relationship. Rumors and gossip can cause misunderstandings and draw people apart. The author does a great job of exploring a relationship between Allen and Laura. Is Allen ready to love again? Will Laura decide if her boyfriend is right for her? Don't miss this beautiful story of letting go and listening to God .

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion.

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