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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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About the Book

forever loved eves story
Title: Forever Loved, Eve’s Story
Author: Joanna May Chee
Genre: Christian Inspiration for Women
Release date: February 20, 2018
Publisher: Heartfelt Publications
Eve. First woman. First to be tempted. First to sin. 
But what if there were more to her story than that?
Forever Loved: Eve’s Story is the story of Father and daughter, as told by Eve. It is a story of preciousness and beauty, of tender love and grace. Through Eve, God reveals his Father heart of love for you, his treasured daughter. He whispers to you now, and calls you closer.
  • My Story: The author’s personal story of encountering God as Father.
  • Eve’s Story: A beautifully creative retelling of the Bible story of Eve.
  • Your Story: Encouragement and prayers to take you deeper into God’s presence.
Experience Eve’s story anew. Discover just how loved you are!

About the Author

Joanna May Chee gets excited about God! She loves to write and is often awake in the night with a million ideas for her next book or project. Joanna blogs at and, where it is her heart to encourage and equip women to love their families and meet with God. She is author of Forever Loved: Eve’s Story, a creative retelling of the Bible story of Eve, and a #1 Amazon UK bestseller. Joanna lives near London with her husband, 4 teens, dog and 2 cats! |

Guest Post from Joanna

True or False? Eve spent time with God before meeting Adam.
True or False? Eve wasn’t called Eve until after the Fall.
Does the Bible even say? 
Until recently, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you, even though I’ve been a Christian many years, and thought I knew the Bible story of Eve really well!
It was during hot, sticky, jet-lagged nights, about four years ago, on holiday overseas, that God started giving me new and wonderful insight into Eve’s life. Words literally started pouring through my head: the story of Eve, but not as I’d heard it before!
I’d always had negative connotations of Eve – the first woman to be tempted, the first to sin. But the story God revealed to me during my sleepless nights was one of preciousness and beauty. It was the story of Father and daughter, of God’s incredible love for Eve, and His equally wondrous love for me.
As Eve’s story unfolded over several nights, I wrote it down; and God gave me a book I did not ask for (but am forever grateful for): Forever Loved: Eve’s Story.
These new insights into Eve’s story have been life-changing. God has brought me deeper into His love than I could ever have imagined. (In the introduction of ‘Forever Loved: Eve’s Story’ I share something of the deep hurt and insecurity I experienced growing up – including the time I got into BIG trouble with my teacher – my cry to know God as Father, and how God’s love has brought healing and freedom.)
It’s my prayer that ‘Forever Loved: Eve’s Story’ touches the lives of women around the world, that women may come into deeper experience of God as Father, and know just how beautiful and precious they are to Him.
So, back to the True/False questions at the beginning of this post! What do you think?
I’d love to share with you what I’ve discovered by giving you a free copy of a devotional I’ve written called ‘Treasures Hidden in the Story of Eve’.
This devotional explores some of the amazing truths God’s shown me about Eve, and the wonderful implications for us as women today (and includes extracts from ‘Forever Loved: Eve’s Story’). Download the devotional for free here.
I pray God touches you as deeply as He has me, as you explore the Bible story of Eve afresh. May you encounter the love of Father God as never before.
Joanna xx


The beginning of the book is interesting because it talks about her relationship with her father. It was nice to read how close she was to her father and what a positive influence he was in her life growing up. I also liked how she described having a relationship with her Heavenly Father. I want a deeper relationship with Jesus also. 

I did remind myself as I read the book that this is an account of what one person perceives as what could have happened as Eve is introduced to us in the bible.  The story is a beautiful way to look at how Eve may have been when she first met Jesus. I did like reading about Eden and how gorgeous and peaceful it was. It was interesting to read how the author saw Eve. 

It was hard to read about Cain and Abel and how their parents played a part in what was to happen. From the very beginning God warned them not to eat from the tree, but Eve and  then Adam disobeyed. Their punishment was hard but God forgave them of their sin. I did like how the author encourages readers to have a deeper relationship with God and how "You are forever loved."  That one sentence has stuck with me as I finished the book.  No matter what, I am loved. I may have sinned, but I am still loved. Such powerful words that humble me and remind me daily that we all sin; but the good news is we are forgiven. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. Sounds like a book I will enjoy.

  2. Thank you SO much Deana for your review. I'm so please you enjoyed the book. I pray you continue to experience God's love in new ways. You truly are 'Forever Loved'!

  3. This book sounds like a really great read.

  4. This sounds like an interesting book to read

  5. "No matter what, I am loved. I may have sinned, but I am still loved."
    That is such a beautiful, uplifting thought.