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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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About the Book

Book:  For Whom The Sun Sings
Author: W.A. Fulkerson
Genre:  Young Adult Fiction / Religious / Christian / Fantasy
Release Date: March 17, 2020
Fulkerson - For Whom the Sun SingsThe world is blind…then one boy is born with sight.
Nestled in a mountain haven, the remaining people of the world live in a village that is ordinary but strict. A severe peace must be kept severely, as they say. It’s all that keeps them from descending into the chaos that claimed the world a hundred years ago.
Led by the Prophet Valdas and his Regents, the villagers work, play, marry, and have families. They gather in ceremony once a year to celebrate their Day of Remembrance. Life is planned, precise, and predictable until the special abilities of eleven-year-old Andrius threaten to undermine it all.

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Is it wrong to love a book so much that you want to be a character in it? Well I want to be in this book and explore with Andrius. His strength and special abilities make this book a must to have in your possession.  The author is well versed in descriptive words and I easily found myself in the village waiting for the big celebration. The story is so well done it is like light spread across pages with no gaps. It is a story to rejoice in and embrace the gift the author gives us through his story. 
I needed this book to read because I wanted to escape what was going on around us in the world right now. I wanted a story that would capture a place where I could join in the journey as the story comes to life. Is it possible that the author has reached his pique with this book? I say a big no loudly as I sway to the music that Andrius hears. He is such a special character that it is hard to believe that he only lives in a book. But wait, that isn’t true. His character is alive as he teaches us how important and valuable truth is. 
I loved reading about Andrius when he was a baby. It sets the stage for a wonderful bonding moment as his father explains how he rescued Andrius. The love between father and son is well displayed by words of encouragement, wisdom and compassion. Their relationship will be tested at times but Andrius honors his father at all times. 
The brilliance in this story is not what is said but what is not said. Scattered throughout the story are little nuggets that gather in your mind as the story and its meaning become clearer. It will be a story I will remember forever as a turning point for me. I was reminded about hope when you can’t see it and faith  when you want to give up. I loved every moment I spent with Andrius as he discovers truth and sees past the darkness. 
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

About the Author

W.A. Fulkerson photoW. A. Fulkerson is the author of ten books, including Writing With Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide to Producing Your Best Book. He works in film as a screenwriter, having written the award-winning documentary Save My Seoul with Jubilee Media. He teaches regularly at San Diego Writers, Ink in Point Loma, CA. Fulkerson is a voracious reader across genres, but J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Isaac Asimov, Michael Crichton, T. H. White, Pablo Neruda, and John Donne are particular favorites. In his free time, he enjoys coaching wrestling, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and studying languages. He lives in San Diego with his wife and son.

More from W.A. Fulkerson

You know the feeling.
Your co-worker is clearly lying again and again, but your boss doesn’t see it. People in your neighborhood keep voting for the same crooked politicians, but they don’t listen when you suggest an alternative. You know you’d be the perfect couple if he/she only gave you a chance. You’ve found the secret to living a better, freer life, but no one else cares to participate.
Sometimes, it seems like the whole world has gone crazy, and you’re the only one who refuses to swallow the crazy pills. It’s an aggravating feeling, and it lies at the heart of my new novel For Whom the Sun Sings.
It’s dedicated “To everyone who has ever felt alone in knowing the truth,” but the book is not an allegory. It doesn’t hint at political points or try to convince you of anything. It’s a catharsis, vented by way of a story that will hopefully have you putting off your to-do list so you can finish the book. (A lot of the advance readers have read it in just one day, which makes me feel good, as the author.)
The main character, Andrius, is the ultimate expression of that frustrated feeling of something being so clear to you, but you lack the ability to explain to, cajole, or convince anyone. Writing it felt like healing, for that reason, and I hope it’s refreshing to you as well.

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  1. Great review, Deana! Thank you for being part of the tour.