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Monday, September 28, 2020

Secret Life of Lady-banner

About the Book

Book:  The Secret Life of Lady Evangeline
Author: Jan Davis Warren
Genre:  Christian Historical Romance
Release Date: September 22, 2020
LadyEvangelineEveryone believes Lady Evangeline is dead, so why not let them? Her survival depends on it.
After escaping from assassins and healing from her injuries, Evangeline Stanton finds refuge in a crumbling abbey. Her physical scars are nothing to the wounds left by the death of her daughter and abandonment of her husband. She spends most days disguised as Sister Margaret Mary, but when necessary, she dons the disguise of the recently deceased bandit, the Fox, to steal from the rich and help the starving children and widows who come for aid.
Lord Henry Stanton still grieves the death of his beloved wife, Evangeline. Raising their young daughter is now the most important role in his life, even though the child serves as a daily reminder of the love he and his wife once shared. He may never shed the weight of his guilt for not protecting Evangeline from the band of outlaws who killed her, as well as the lies sown by his sister-in-law, which he allowed to separate him from his wife just before her death.
When Henry’s ailing father-in-law sends an urgent request for help to manage his lands, he has no choice but to take his daughter with him to Castle Brighton. But the nun who comes to care for the sick man catches Henry’s notice from the first moment he catches sight of her. When the life of their precious daughter is threatened, can they overcome the lies and secrets of the past and join forces to save their daughter before it is too late?

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Oh how I wanted this story to never end. The author does a good job of transporting readers back in time to 1186 England. I loved the woods where  a group would hide out in search of helping those in need. The brilliance of the author to disguise the group made it more exciting. Yes I cheered because a woman was the leader and had courage that withstood test after test. 
Evangeline is everything I had hoped for in a Warrior. She is compassionate for the needs of people who struggle to survive everyday. Evangeline finds out a secret that will compel her to protect those she loves at all cost. What evil person would lie and  tell someone their child died? Evangeline has led a secret life but the truth will come out at a time when she is not prepared. Will she confuse her reasons for the deceit to Henry? Can they repair their relationship and save their daughter from danger?
The story is riveted with danger, secrets, and a road that takes them into enemy territory. The characters are realistic and I appreciated that the author focused on saving the child and not so much on rekindling a romance. God was there with Evangeline and Henry as their faith was tested. I held my breath as they became closer to the kidnapper who had their child. The ending is action packed and I liked how the author showed that it is never to late to forgive someone. 
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

About the Author

Jan Davis Warren photoJan Davis Warren is a mother, grandmother, and a young-at-heart great-grandmother. Her wonderful husband passed away the same year she won the ACFW Genesis Award for Romantic Suspense. That win and many others are encouraging reminders that God wants her to continue writing even in the tough times. Learn more at

More from Jan

Hello Dear Reader,
That you are reading this means you come from some hearty and courageous ancestors. Over thousands of years, they survived good times and bad, plagues, famines, wars, and all manner of tribulations. No matter how many different places around the globe your ancestors ventured, or where they lived and died, you are living proof they existed.

This thought never crossed my mind while writing and winning awards with contemporary romantic suspense, westerns, and even sci-fi. It wasn’t until Lady Evangeline stirred me with her story that I was lured into writing about the Middle Ages. I was even more surprised when I won RWA Faith Hope & Love chapter’s, Touched by Love historical category and the overall award with The Secret Life of Lady Evangeline. Thus began my next exciting adventure, for I had never written a medieval.
While doing research for the time period, I was humbled by the revelation that I’m alive because of ancestors further back than my genealogy has thus far revealed. They survived not only the medieval era, but many other difficult, even horrific times over the centuries before my birth. You and I are truly blessed by our ancestors’ perseverance. We are alive at such a time as this for a reason. Help us Lord to be the light so others might find You and through You life eternal.
Jan Davis Warren

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