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Monday, January 25, 2021


I can always count on this author to write an action packed story that gives you a sense of being part of the team. Her descriptions are on point and the characters jump off the pages with intensity. 

I was hooked the minute someone finds a package on their doorstep ticking. I’m pretty sure I would scream, slam the door and dial 911 as I scurried into a closet . Eve knows this is not something that will go away.  Someone wants her dead. 

Being a conservative radio personality has its perks but it also brings out people who disagree with her views. The hate mail she gets is suspicious as whoever it is starts to get more aggressive. I think it’s time to get the police involved and catch this person. 

Brent is called in to investigate and soon realizes the escalation is getting out of hand. Can he save Eve before she is silenced forever? The action never stops as the two try to stay one step ahead of danger. There is a bit of romance that doesn’t overshadow the story. Some may wonder if the views presented in the story by Eve were more personal but I think the story is just a look at what might happen when someone disagrees with political views. Overall a good story with a great ending.

I received a copy of this book from Librarything Early Readers Program. The review is my own opinion.


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