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Monday, January 25, 2021


Abigail is a strong character who has taken  up the fight for suffrage.  It is not an easy task but one she believe in. The author gives us historical facts that make the story realistic. I loved how Abigail stood up for the rights of women. It’s hard to believe at one time, women weren’t allowed to vote or have jobs that were considered for men only. 

Her husband was a big supporter of hers and she raised her children with compassion. I think a Abigail needed to be reminded that her husband loved her  and was a big supporter of her. It was hard to fight against the people who thought women should do laundry, wash dishes, cook and tend to children. It’s like she had no voice and she was determined to change things. 

I admired her ability to stand up for the rights of women and continue on with the knowledge that she would someday make a difference. I love reading about the pioneer days and the hard work that was involved to survive. The author gives a beautiful description that places readers right there in the story.

I loved everything about the story and appreciate the lesson  on standing up for your rights, I never want to take for granted the rights we have and never forget those before us that lead the way to more fair treatment of everyone, 

I received a copy of this book from Librarything Early Reader Program. The review is my own opinion, 

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