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Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Dangerous Pursuits

About the Book

Book: Dangerous Pursuits

Author: Alford, Harris, Heckenkramp, Hickey, Holder, Kendig, Lough, Lynn, Malley, Mentink, Nemeth, Putman, Reed, Stover, Worth

Genre: Christian/Clean Romantic Mystery and Suspense

Release date: October 12, 2021

Crisp Days. Cold Nights. Dangerous Pursuits.

The chill of fall brings with it a hint of peril in Dangerous Pursuits, a clean and Christian suspense anthology featuring some of today’s most popular female authors.

Start your fall off right with 15 gripping tales of Clean and Christian suspense from today’s most popular ladies of mystery and suspense. Join Mary Alford, Lisa Harris, Therese Heckenkamp, Cynthia Hickey, Gina Holder, Ronie Kendig, Dana R Lynn, Shirlee McCoy, Dana Mentink, J. Carol Nemeth, Cara Putman, Sharee Stover, Terri Reed, Alana Terry, Lenora Worth on a dangerous journey filled with mystery and suspense that will keep you turning pages until the very. Last. One.

Just .99 cents until October 12th.


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About the Authors

Dangerous Pursuits Author meme updated photo
The authors of Dangerous Pursuits are excited to present 15 tales of mystery and suspense to readers for a limited time. From suspense to mystery, clean to Christian, these authors have come together to create a collection of tales that will leave you flipping pages until the very last one.


More from Mary

Have you ever wondered how a book collection comes to be. Well, it all starts with an idea.

Dangerous Pursuits was the brainchild of author Dana Mentink who reached out to me with the idea of creating a book collection featuring multiple authors. We decided we wanted to try and make the USA Today Bestsellers List with this collection which is quite the challenge.

With the help of Cynthia Hickey, who created the fabulous cover for Dangerous Pursuits, we set out to put together a collection of mystery and suspense books to please our readers.

We reached out to some of our fellow authors who graciously agreed to help, and now we are blessed to have this amazing line-up of 15 wonderful authors. Lisa Harris, Therese Heckenkamp, Cynthia Hickey, Gina Holder, Ronie Kendig, Loree Lough, Dana R Lynn, Shirlee McCoy, Dana Mentink, J. Carol Nemeth, Cara Putman, Sharee Stover, Terri Reed, Lenora Worth, and myself, Mary Alford.

The book is set to release on October 12th. Cynthia gave the cover a mysterious fall feel that we believe will appeal to readers who love mystery and suspense. Next we came up with a catchy blurb that hopefully adds to the fall suspense theme;

Crisp Days. Cold Nights. Dangerous Pursuits.

The chill of fall brings with it a hint of peril in Dangerous Pursuits, a clean and Christian suspense anthology featuring some of today’s most popular female authors.

And so, Dangerous Pursuits was born.

I am very proud to be part of this collection. With so many talented authors bringing their best, I believe our readers will find something they enjoy, and we look forward to each of you reading it.

Because above all else, it’s all about the story.

Blessings always,

Mary Alford

This collection of novellas is perfect  to read for suspense, adventure and a little romance. Each author has delivered a story that keeps you entertained as you explore the different characters and situations in each story. I loved this book and found it be very well written and filled with subtle faith elements through each story. 


The Last Day by Lisa Harris 

I liked this story because of the setting of a small town in Texas. The author does a good job of letting readers explore the quaint town including the local diner. The story rekindles an old relationship between Hope and Chase. It was fun to read how they get caught up in a crime spree as two men terrorize the quiet town. There is just enough danger to keep readers entertained. 

Stepping From Shadows by Cara Putman 

Wow. This story is definitely a good one. I was intrigued from the beginning when Elaine decides it’s time to find out who killed her mother. Time is ticking away as she has little time to take control of her mother’s company. I enjoyed the secret patents of medicine that could change many lives. There is greed spread into the pages as Elaine  with the help  of Austin uncover the person responsible for trying to kill Elaine and take over the company. The author writes a suspenseful tale that shows how greed and secrets can cause chaos. 

The Winter Pearl by Lenora Worth

A mysterious necklace shows up in a shipment that puts Hannah’s life in danger. The scene at her antique shop is adrenaline filled as two men try to rob her. I think that Luke just happens to be in the right place at the time as he stumbles on the robbery in progress. Luke is ex -military and very experienced in dangerous situations. I like how he took control of the situation and helped keep Hannah safe for now. Whatever this necklace represents must be important enough for someone to kill over. I loved following Luke and Hannah as they unravel the mystery. 

I loved the secret that pops up in the book. I wasn’t expecting it and it really enhances the mystery. We get a look back when this mystery first started and it ties back to the present very well. Excellent story about hidden gems and forgiveness. 

Protecting The Heiress by Terri Reed

I love the way  this story starts off at a fast pace. Danger lurks just ahead of Cecily as she heads for her car. Her mind is on the death of her father and as she is attacked her adrenaline takes over. Out of nowhere someone comes to her aide and this is where the real action starts. Malcolm is there to protect Cecily but she has no idea what is really happening. When her apartment complex catches on fire and then buckets of bullets start flying she knows someone is out to get her. 

Malcolm is a very capable person when it comes to deflecting dangerous situations. With his training he is the ideal person to keep Cecily safe. Why did Cecily’s father call Malcolm on the day he had a heart attack? That one phone call sets in motion the reconnection and trust between Cecily and Malcolm. I loved the heart pounding edge of your seat action as greed once again rears its ugly head. Get ready for a suspense filled time as a killer is on a mission to eliminate Cecily. 

A Time To Hunt by Cynthia Hickey 

Duncan may be a best selling  mystery author  but he can’t explain what he sees at his sister’s  house . A dead body and a missing sister is enough to cause Duncan to wonder what he has gotten himself into. When the police show up, he recognizes Kennedy right away. She may be in charge of the investigation, but he is not excited to be thrown together with someone from his past. The strange texts he gets is spooky and whoever it is must be watching his every move. 

A long ago accident is behind what is going on. I loved how the author incorporates the main character’s book as a way to help solve the murder and find Duncan’s sister. Is it revenge for the death of a girl from that fateful night that is spurring someone on? The eerie similarities to what is happening now and what happened in Duncan’s book is scary. Talk about jumping off the pages into reality. This book had me glued to my seat. I had to know who was angry enough to seek revenge. In the end the author illustrates how anger can lead to destructive behavior. 

A Dark Road Home by Dana Mentink

Lola is awakened late at night from someone  pounding on her door. I know I would be shaking in my boots if that happened to me. As she reluctantly opens the door she is greeted by a disheveled Abe and two small children. What has just invaded her privacy? 

The story is riveting as Lola helps Abe and the children escape whoever is after them. Can they trust the cops? I thought the addition of the drone spying on them was great and added a bit of mystery to whoever was after them. It is revealed that these two have a history together and I couldn’t wait for the author to expose it. I loved it when this popped up in the story, “Sometimes you had to stop looking back to start over.” What a great piece of advice we can all use in our lives. There is a part in the story where forgiveness is dealt with. It is a powerful scene and I thought it showed just how much we wrestle with thinking we don’t deserve to be forgiven. 

The story takes a twist as Lola and Abe seem to run right into a trap. It is hard to figure out who to trust in this game of revenge. I was shocked at the one behind the setup and couldn’t  help but gasp when the person was exposed. As the children are being used as pawns to draw someone to a trap  danger is close by. Can Lola and Abe rescue the children before disaster strikes? I loved this story and am thrilled that this author is part of the collection. 

Deadly Heights by Ronie Kendig

Jolie has just lost her dad and now finds herself in charge of the family business. A visit from someone sheds a guilty light on her father’s death. Did someone kill him for revenge or for his company? Now her brother’s death is questionable as it may not be an accident. There is so many intricate parts to the story that I had to pay very close attention so I didn’t miss any details. 

Taking a trip up the mountain where her brother and his girlfriend perished is hard for Jolie. The last person she wanted to run into was David. His anger at Jolie’s  brother as not eased up at all. He blames her brother for the accident that caused two deaths. How can he forgive the person he blames for his sisters death? David’s anger is evident as he lashes out at Jolie. This guy needs a dose of a lesson in forgiveness and peace. 

I loved the trip up the mountain as climbers get closer to their destination. The weather is cold and at times can turn dangerous. I bet it is a sight to see as you slowly  make your way up to the mountain side. Only experienced climbers were to be on this trip but anything can happen even if you have done this trip meant times. Be prepared for an icy adventure as we find out who is trying to harm Jolie. 

Deadly Catalyst by Sharee Stover 

Jorja is doing her best to raise her brother Kyle but he may be in big trouble. This story deals with gaming and online bullying. This story is more than just stumbling onto a game. Jorga has discovered that the game has a backdoor into the  United States Department of Defense Military Inventory Database. This is not good at all. 

What starts out as an innocent online game quickly turns into a matter of national security. Kyle is worried that he is going to jail and threats on his life and his sister’s begin to increase. I liked the addition of Tate to the story. He wants to help but there is friction between him and Jorga. I wonder what past they share? 

A teenager is over his head in this cyber intense mystery. I like the concept of the story and think it is very relevant for today. The internet is used for many things, and Kyle has found a way to dig himself into deep trouble with his computer skills. The author takes us into the deep dark web where danger awaits. Jorga will do anything to save her brother . I was intrigued with the intricate knowledge of hacking into a system. It makes me wonder how often this happens in real life. The ending is good and I think Kyle has learned a valuable lesson. Popularity is not always worth it when you have to break the law. 

Never Think Twice by Loree Lough

I love stories with babies in them. This one is a good one with Fitz finding himself taking care of his nephew when his brother disappears. Pete had been doing so well staying away from drugs and alcohol. What made him disappear one night while leaving his baby behind? Fi tz is determined to find his brother and starts a search hoping for the best.

I enjoyed meeting  Matt as everyone calls her. When she steps up to help Futz take of the baby, it made me smile. I think perhaps Matt may have a crush on her old friend. With her help, Fitz is free to look for his brother and try to also go back to work. We get a glimpse of how ugly the drug world can be as Fitz goes to places his brother may be at. 

I liked the twist in the story that involves Fitz’s job. Someone is out for revenge and Matt and the baby seem to be pawns in this game. The author really engages readers with intense action and danger that lurks at every turn. I loved the tension as Fitz tries to save Matt and the baby. I bet you are wondering why Fitz’s  brother disappeared? Well I will say it was a shock as to why but it is well worth reading the story to find out.

A Dark Silence by Dana R. Lynn

This story starts off with a scene from a school that makes Heidi run for her life. Whoever was there had seen her. Now she must get to safety before he catches her. She can’t communicate like others since she is deaf so I couldn’t wait to see how she would find a way to contact the police. I like how she travels on the highway trying to outrun the danger right on her bumper. 

Tyler has just come hone from a grueling shift as a cop. The last thing he expected was a jeep running straight ahead to his garage door. Heidi finds  safety in his home and explains what  is going on. Trying to keep Heidi safe turns into danger for Tyler as well. Who is after Heidi? I liked how the author throws  twists in the story and kept me engaged in what was going on. The story is fast paced and I was surprised at the determination the killer had to eliminate a witness. Great story with surprises and a happy ending. 

Courage on the Run by J. Carol Nemeth 

I liked the setting of an historical hone that has been turned into an inn. There is much history adorning  the walls and the different rooms. I love inns and find them so comfortable to stay at. Casey helps her aunt run the place and liked to run in the evening. This particular night she happens to stumble upon a murder taking place. I felt  like I was running with Casey as she takes off trying to escape from the men who she saw. 

Will is staying at the inn and finds Casey hiding. He knows the murder must be reported but he can’t risk the investigation he is involved in with the DEA. Now the question is who can be trusted in this small town? The characters are well written and I liked how the author uses faith in the story.   The lesson on being courageous and testing God is good . I like how the author shows readers that in the midst of trials, God is there to help us. 

Sleep Deprived by Therese Heckenkamp

What happens when a grieving mother stumbles upon a man who has kidnapped a baby? Mae thinks she is helping out but John is not who he says he is. I was surprised that Mae would get in a stranger’s car and go to a store with him. Maybe she isn’t thinking clearly. 

This story is eerie as a desperate man is intent on stealing a baby to cover up what he has done.  John is not thinking clearly and he made me kind of uneasy. The story had me guessing if Mae was telling the truth or did she imagine the entire thing. The author does an incredible job of keeping readers guessing throughout the story. I felt goose bumps as the story unfolded. The characters are well written and I didn’t see the ending coming at all. I was so sure I had figured out the story, but the author did a great job of throwing me off. 

Don’t Look Down by Gina Holder

Erynn is already on edge just being there near a cliff. She can’t wait to Maeve this place. When she witnesses a woman falling over the edge, her nightmare begins. The cops don’t believe her but she knows she saw a man lush a woman over the edge, why are they doubting her?

Healing her boyfriend out, she finds herself in a place that brings back bad memories. I liked how Erynn had a food truck and I could smell the delicious aroma of barbecue as she served up customers. She is a little out of her element being at a place where height is involved. She doesn’t like heights but maybe serving the food will keep her away from the mountains. 

I loved the mystery in the story and how the author ignites us with clues as to who is trying to harm Erynn. I was trying to figure out if the man she recognized was responsible for the accident Erynn witnessed. Danger is the star of this story as Erynn is sure someone is trying to kill her. Was it a smart idea to go on the hike with everyone else? You will have to read the story to find out. 

Consecrated Sacrifice but Mary Alford 

I love a good story about the military and spies. This one is filled with secrets, danger and espionage. Branch must do anything he can to save his friend and it could cost them both their lives. With gunfire and shouts all around them, it looks impossible to survive. I was very surprised when a woman approaches Branch. To his surprise he recognizes Sky. She has been missing for ten years. What is she doing out on the battlefield in Iran with a weapon? It is obvious that she has lost her memory and Branch needs to get her to safety. 

Revenge is definitely mixed throughout the story and I couldn’t wait to see how it would all play out. The author had me on the edge of my seat as  biological weapons are introduced into this action packed story. I loved reading how the enemy was determined to unleash something that could kill without much notice. I felt like I was there as Branch and Sky discover what the traitor has been up to. Get ready for an adventure that takes us overseas where an evil plan is in the works. 

Amish Justice by Ann Malley

Naomi is in real danger as she gets trapped in a deadly game of who to trust. Dan may not be who he says he is and I was beginning to wonder if Naomi should run from him. Something is up and the author had me intrigued.I am not sure why Naomi’s brother had a gun, because I thought Amish were peaceful people. Well this story gets better as the author unravels it piece by piece. Someone is hiding something and I could feel danger lurking just below the surface.

This story is different from what I’m used to in an Amish story. Religious sects that use their exemptions to traffic drugs is very compelling. I thought it was a great concept and could easily happen without us knowing about it. The story is filled with deceit as Dan gets closer to the truth. Will Naomi trust him enough to let him do his job? This has been a wonderful journey into Amish country where secrets can be hidden in plain sight.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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  1. So many books to read , so little time. :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your review of this anthology, I really appreciate how you have a separate review for each story in the collection

  3. Dear Deana,

    Thank you for reading, sharing, and caring about DANGEROUS PURSUITS!! Individual reviews are awesome and so helpful. To authors as well.

    I'm thrilled that you enjoyed Amish Justice. I do love exploring hidden truths. Corruption happens... even where we least expect it.

    Hugs & Happies,
    Ann :^)

  4. Thank you, so much, Deana, for your amazing individual reviews of each of our stories. That meant so much to us and we are very grateful for you sharing the collection with your readers. Have a wonderful week!