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Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Victory Over Anxiety Kick-Off Package

Victory over Anxiety

About the Book

Book: Victory Over Anxiety

Author: Dr. Andrea Ganahl

Genre: Self-Help

Release date: June 17, 2021

Victory Over AnxietyΓÇô529x800Victory over Anxiety: Take your Anxious Thoughts Captive provides a realistic blend of relaxation exercises and clinically proven cognitive techniques to help reduce anxiety. Victory over Anxietyalso integrates information on nutrition, exercise, and restful sleep, as it pertains to mental health.



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About the Author

Dr. Andrea Ganahl is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety. She teaches classes on how to reduce anxiety at churches, women’s groups, and college campuses. Andrea is the author of Victory over Anxiety: Take your Anxious Thoughts Captive and has written articles for Focus on the Family Magazines.


More from Dr. Andrea

I wrote Victory over Anxiety: Take your Anxious Thoughts Captive, as a path to my own healing. I have struggled with anxiety much of my life. As I researched the most effective techniques to combat my anxiety, and found how beneficial they were, I decided to write this book to help others learn practical tools, so they may also experience victory over anxiety. All the exercises I share are research based and filtered through a biblical perspective.

Not only will you learn everyday exercises to reduce your anxiety, but you will also begin to understand how and why your anxieties developed and how to rid yourself of those anxieties at their core. In addition, you can apply these principles to any emotional struggles, not just anxiety.


I knew as soon as I saw the title of this book this would be one I need to read. The beginning hit me in the face with truth that I needed to read. I’m great at worrying. In fact I could win first prize in the worry contest. My family constantly hears me say” why can’t I do better, what if my son doesn’t get the job?” The what if’s and why’s continue in my head twenty-four hours a day. No wonder I’m so exhausted everyday. I’m trying to do things on my own, and leaving God out of the decisions. When  you have anxiety one of the reasons could be because , “We have inaccurate thoughts: we believe something with no evidence to back it up.” In our minds the things  we are fearing seem real, but are not. I struggle with these thoughts along with depression. 

The author does give an example of anxiety by illustrating a large dog  approaching you. Most of us would be a little anxious  but says when a little chihuahua approaches you wagging your tail you should not have any fear. I have to disagree because those little dogs can bite at anytime. I understand the author’s thought process of irrational fear but as a person who lives with anxiety those thoughts are real to me. I have been bitten by a chihuahua before  when they were wagging their tail.I do appreciate how the author gives a description of the  different types of anxiety and how they affect us. 

The book at times does  take a more scientific approach and uses phrases I am not familiar with. When the author goes into these explanations I become a little disinterested. However there is enough Biblical insight in the book that I did receive some valuable  tools to help me. I liked the section on sleeping and eating better. All those play  a part in the struggle with anxiety. I never realized that the word anxiety or fear is said more than three hundred times. One of the best things  said in the  book is, “We can take our anxious thoughts captive and think about Godly things.” 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. Victory Over Anxiety would be a very good thing, thanks for sharing for sharing it with me! Thanks, Texas Book-aholic for sharing your review! Have a fantastic day!

  2. This sounds like a really good book and a subject I know something about.

  3. Worry, or anxiety, is such a common problem! This sounds helpful.

  4. I don’t consider myself an anxious person, but there are certain things I do have a tendency to worry about at times. This book will be beneficial.

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