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Monday, August 29, 2016


As the election draws near, voters can find lots of books, magazines and newspaper articles that give readers a lot to consider before casting their vote. I wanted to read and review this book because I like to read everything available before I  cast my vote with confidence. Everyone has their own opinions , and I enjoy reading them . It gives me another way to look at things and perhaps make me see something differently that I would not have before.

It is so true that we are ready to fight when something negative is said about the candidate that we are thinking of voting for. But does  it really accomplish anything? All it really does is cause bitterness and ends up being a nasty race where everyone looks bad. I loved when the author said, "Why are the Seven Deadly Sins so dangerous? Because they hook the basest part of our human nature and drag us into the pit of nastiness." That is such a true statement. Each party  tries to find the nastiest or most embarrassing thing on the other candidate . All it really accomplishes is mistrust and hurt feelings.

We have been given the right to vote anyway we want. I want to make sure I don't throw my vote away, so reading this book helps me to see a point of view I may not  have really studied before. When we were in school, we would study for a test . We wanted to gather all the information we needed  so we could get a good grade. To me it just makes sense to keep an open mind, study the facts, then vote without any regrets. It is time for us to listen to each other and hear all sides to understand the platform of the candidates.

I really liked reading about democracy. The author gave great examples of questions we should ask to find the right solutions. I have always  heard, "You won't know until you ask." Be informed, ask the questions and study the answers . That is what we need to do to truly make a decision. The author makes a great point about sensitive subjects like homosexuality. "Evidence shows that the presence of a gay person or relationship has no effect on someone else's relationship, in the same way that my neighbors' divorce has no effect on my marriage."  To me is is simple. We are not to judge. What I really like about this book is that we each want to make the right choice in the upcoming election. I want to open minded and listen to everything , not be judgmental and remember that everyone has a right to their opinion. It does  more harm to argue and criticize then to just be quiet and listen with a pure heart .

At the end of the book, the author has provided a study guide . I loved how it was written and really showed me I need to do some homework. Their are scriptures provided that go along with the questions being asked. I want to thank the author for writing a book that helps me see different viewpoints and does  it with grace and compassion.

"If we learn to discern the log in our own eye, and are willing to admit that we might be wrong, certainly that ability can lead us also to to discerning where Truth and Light reside."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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