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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Every time I read the bible I find myself having so many questions. I might have read  a passage a million times and still didn't quite get the jest of what it was saying. I really like this book because it is easy to understand and answers a lot of questions I have had for many years . Have you ever promised someone something , only to break your promise? God doesn't break promises. There are stories throughout the bible that show us God's promises were always kept. One of the key things this book talks about is God does keep His promises, but He does it on his timing.

Looking for a place to start seeing when God kept His promise? Go to Exodus and be  reminded how He "delivered His people out of slavery in Egypt." Also remind yourself of the times He kept His promises to you. It says "He will never leave us, nor forsake us." He has never broken that promise to me . I know he was there when I was going through tough times. He heard my cries and felt my pain. But He never left me. He stayed with me, protected me and wrapped His arms around me as I whimpered that I would never turn my back on Him. .

Do you remember the promise God made to Noah? He said He would never destroy the world by water again. I love the trust and faith that Noah had. He obeyed God, built an Ark and God promised him his family and the animals would be safe.  I think faith has always been a big question for people. "Faith is believing and trusting in something without absolute proof that the object of your belief is real. " He will test us to see how strong our  faith is. I remember a time when my youngest child was only eighteen months old. He became very ill and started having seizures. He had developed big welts on his body. The hospital staff thought he may have a contagious disease and had us wear masks. They informed us that he was being transported to Children ' Medical Hospital . I was terrified. As I looked as my child, he looked at a chair and started saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I asked him why was he saying that name. He told me because  Jesus was sitting in the room and told my child not to fear, he would be ok.

If only I had that faith. Once we got to the ICU unit in the hospital, he started having seizures again. but I learned through that experience that God was right there and kept His  promise. We took out child home five days later. From that day forward, I knew God loves us, protects us, and always keeps His promises. I encourage everyone to get this book.  If you have questions about Why is it important to go to church? What is the purpose of Sunday School or you want to know what communion is , this book will help you understand, give you scriptures to look up and help you grow spiritually. I love  how the book is straight forward, answers questions in a direct manner with grace and follows up  with stories and scriptures. This would be a great tool for bible study and also when teaching in Children's ministry. I highly recommend this book to anyone with questions that they have been searching answers for.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Blogger Program for an honest review.

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