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Friday, December 23, 2016


Between the pages of this book is a captivating story about a woman who rediscovers herself. Along the way her life is changed and with it the author brings an unforgettable emotional journey of  new beginnings.  I loved the character development and felt like they were my friends. The children in the story are precious and yes I wanted to take them all home.

Rose needs a change of scenery after her divorce and decides to take the summer to reflect on her life. She finds herself in St. Croix with beautiful clear skies and water that is crystal clear. The place she rents is homey and relaxing. I loved the friendship between Rose and Wendy. It was refreshing to read how their friendship  developed from a simple transaction of renting a place to stay to forever friends. Wendy is one of those people you instantly like.

An unexpected accident sends Rose to the clinic to see a doctor. The doctor she sees also runs  the orphanage in town. It was easy to like Patrick as his character is very humble, has a heart for children and strong beliefs that he doesn't back down from.  Their attraction grows and now Rose finds herself starting to really like Patrick. Can Rose let go of her hurt from the divorce and open her heart to a new relationship? Patrick has his own past that he hasn't let go of. Why does he feel guilty at times being with Rose? I loved how the author showed Patrick as a true gentleman and wouldn't give in to temptation.

 Rose's idea to include the children in her project  for the orphanage brings  excitement to the children. It is so true that children want to feel needed and loved. Her involvement with the children brings her joy and she finds herself starting to get attached to the children.  In the story you will meet a very special young boy. I can tell you that he captured my heart and I was ready to bring him home.

I loved when Rose decides to go to church and meets the pastor. The pastor is this big as life person overflowing with joy, love and compassion. There are moments in the story where Rose struggles with her faith. Will she find her way back to God? When it is time for Rose to return home, will she be able to leave? The story is very emotional at times and has a great message of forgiveness, letting go, and finding happiness. Make sure you grab your copy of this wonderful book.

I received a copy of this book from the author and This is my honest opinion.

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