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Thursday, December 22, 2016


I have come to really enjoy books written by this author. They are always informative and written  with passion. I appreciate her openness and sharing personal struggles. As I began to read this book, I felt a sense of peace as the words soothed my soul. I'm sure there are many of us that are waiting to be healed from something. In some cases it is physical healing and in others it it emotional healing. I have been guilty of asking God why has He not healed me yet? The author makes a good point when she said, " Our struggle with health often triggers a struggle with faith." People around us are encouraging us to have faith but it sure is hard when you see nothing changing. I can sometimes get into the why  me pity party and forget all about God's promises.

Do you find yourself angry at God when you are still waiting for your healing and nothing is happening? I never thought about the people who God places in our pathway as someone who could help me. We get so focused that we forget to look around us. We hold on to every word the doctor says in hopes of being  cured. What we forget though is that there are other people who may have the answer we have been seeking. An interesting thought is seeking out someone with a similar illness and asking them for directions. Who better to ask then someone going through exactly what you are going through. What if that was God's plan all along? Yes we can get sidetracked and miss what God is trying to show us.

I really enjoyed the reference that the author used about Job. He was a man who lost everything and struggled for answers. When  he realized that God was real he repented  for doubting him. That is a great reminder for all of us to not give up but to keep fighting. The author encourages us to surround ourselves with family and friends who will support us and pray for us. Sometimes I find myself shutting out the world and trying to deal with things by myself. Isn't that a perfect time for the enemy to isolate you from the truths of God? Before I realize it, I find myself depressed, angry and lose my focus on His Word. The author provides many scriptures that are helpful  as we go through our struggles. I find that saying the scriptures aloud gives me more strength to fight and not give up. There is power in His word.

This is a powerful book that will help you and encourage you as you walk through your illness. Reach out to God and rely on Him. Be conscious of people around us who want to help . Be sure and celebrate each improvement that brings you closer to your healing and never give up.

"We never walk alone and God promises never to leave us alone."

I received a copy of this book from and the author. This is my honest opinion.

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