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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Zany. Crazy. Quirky. Laugh out loud moments. Mystery. Twist and Turns. Loveable characters. A dead body. Now what do all of these have in common? The funniest cozy mystery I have read with a murder that has everyone looking like a suspect. It's like Lucy and Ethel meets Mrs Fletcher trying to outwit the Detective . There are plenty of great moments in the story where I couldn't  stop laughing.

Fern and Zula are sister-in-laws who have assigned themselves detectives when the chef of Sunset Paradise Retirement Village is found dead. Yes they have promoted themselves as bonified sleuths who can't seem to stay out of trouble. I loved the interactions between the two and wasn't quite sure who was in charge at times. They sure are stubborn and get in the way of Detective Jared Flynn more times then I can count. Can Detective Jared solve the murder before Fern and Zula find themselves in danger? The people at the retirement center were comical when the ladies living there  thought it was their job to keep Jared occupied with their granddaughters. That did seem a bit strange, but not to be out done, our lady sleuths call in their niece Kathryn  to come help them. Or is she there to meet the dashing Detective Jared Flynn?

I do believe Jared has his hands full with women flirting with him, a murder to solve and ladies who want to solve the case on their own. Will Fern and Zula turn on each other? With finger pointing and drugs turning up there  is a lot to keep the town buzzing with gossip. This is one book that kept me laughing all the way till the end. The writing is well crafted and the characters are like mixed match socks. They don't really go together but they sure make you comfortable around them. They become your friends and in the end, they fit perfectly into the story.  Make sure you grab a copy of this book and get ready for laughs and shenanigans that keep the story entertaining and lively.

I received a copy of this book from the author and This is my honest opinion.

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