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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


What would you do if you had a father who was a thief and killer? Would you try to hide your identity from other people? I know we don't get to pick who our parents are, and that is exactly what Ruby faces in this unforgettable story of redemption , secrets and trust. After Ruby's father is hanged for his crimes, Ruby is stunned to find out that he has left her a very wealthy woman. I think at first she had a hard time taking the fortune because she knew how it was obtained. What would you do if you inherited money that you knew was tainted?

I found Ruby's character was very interesting and heartfelt. She wants to do the right thing and make amends to all the families her father hurt. It was a big task but her heart was so broken by her father's wrongdoing she needed to lessen the pain she felt in her heart.  She knew this is what God wanted her to do. I loved the story and found it to be a great lesson in forgiveness and healing. Her heart must have been crushed to learn of the evil doings her father did. Was Ruby feeling guilty and somehow  taking responsibility for her father's sins?

When Ruby and her mom travel to FairPlay, Colorado to continue using the inheritance there seems to be a bit more to do in this town that will be a big challenge for them. Rex Truett is the sheriff of the small town and is a bit suspicious of Ruby and her mom. He is a very strong character and I loved his unconditional love for the two children he was taking care of.  Ruby and Rex sure don't see eye to eye at first. I'm not sure who was more stubborn but it sure made for many encounters with each other that were tension filled. Rex has to be asking himself " Why would a beautiful woman and her mom travel to a town where they know no one with the intentions to improve the town? "

The story is very well written and flowed at a nice pace. There are others in the town that will add a bit of intrigue to the story. There are many surprises and secrets that have people wondering who they can trust? Will Ruby be able to let go of the shame of her father's sins? Can Rex find a way to trust again? The story is filled with a glimpse into the lives of people who have trust issues, guilt, insecurity  and learning to love again.

"When we're hurting, we have a choice , too. We can get all mad and mean, or go to God for comfort and strength."

I received a copy of this book from is my honest opinion .

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