Friday, December 30, 2016


I have not read a book from this author before but I find her writing quite intriguing. The story is set in the late 1800s to the early years in 1900. The author does  a good job of describing the time period and how it was difficult during that era. I have always loved books that are set in the 1800s and love learning about the way of life for people during that time.

John Parks has returned to make the ranch a profitable place again. He sure has his hands full trying to reestablish the peach orchard and making the ranch a thriving place again. What obstacles will he face ? I loved the character and thought he was a hard worker with great instinct. I loved how the author included a mystery that made John at the center of it. He seems to have his hands  full with the sheriff breathing down his back. Can he prove his innocence? To add to his increasing challenges he has some female admirers. Will John be able to keep his focus on getting the ranch and orchard running again?

What really grabbed my attention in the book was the vivid description of the insane asylum. I could feel my skin crawl as I read the different people that were in there. I think it really bothered me about the treatment the people endured. It made me think about old movies where the patient  gets  shocked. There always seemed to be creepy staff that didn't want to be bothered with the patients. They got labeled as crazy and locked away in a little room.  The author really did her research about the treatment during this time period of patients locked up in the asylum. I could feel tears come to my eyes as some were so desperate to leave there. They were mistreated and misdiagnosed with no one to defend them. Can you imagine being in a place like that knowing you don't belong there? Dr. Dillion Haskill  is determined that he will get out of the place. Will he succeed in getting freed? What happens to the other patients in there?

This story is packed with intrigue, love interest , injustice and faith. I found myself thinking for awhile after I finished the book. How many of us have had to fight against accusations? Do we turn our back on people with mental illness?  I really loved this book a lot and it  gave me some real soul searching to examine in my life.

I received a complimentary copy of of this book from the author and The review is my own opinion .

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