Saturday, December 31, 2016


This book  handles a controversial subject with grace and insight. I appreciated how the author gave both viewpoints and allowed readers to really  grasp the issue with details and openness. I love the authors writing style and I am now a huge fan of hers. The story is fast paced, gripping with tension and keeps readers rushing to turn the pages.

The main character in the book Kennedy , is a young woman who has just returned from China. I can't imagine going to a foreign land and trying to understand the language. Can you imagine being oversees for ten years and then suddenly come home to the states? Kennedy has a full load as she attends Harvard. The author did a great job of describing the day to day schedule for a college student. Kennedy is trying to balance everything in her life but I think at times  she may have been overwhelmed. When she decides to volunteer at the pregnancy hotline center she finds herself in a situation that will test her faith. The caller tells Kennedy some very unsettling things but won't let Kennedy know who she is. The tension on the phone was a pure adrenaline rush. The author gives a chilling account of what happens when a young girl finds herself in trouble. Will Kennedy be able to find the girl in time?

The book is powerful and at times very intense. I thought the story was well written without giving the choices more biased on one side then the other. The reader can  feel the strain the young girl is going through as her voice shakes with fear as she talks.  I found myself thinking how people are so quick to judge others. No matter what you believe , this story is a heartpounding  action packed read  till the end. Will the young girl who called come forward? What happens at the pregnancy center that causes people to be on edge? I enjoyed the book and appreciated the attention given to people who volunteer to work hotlines at different places. It can make a difference to someone in trouble when the person on the other end of the phone is compassionate and non judgmental. Thank you for writing an inspiring and intriguing story. I look forward to more books from this gifted author.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from The review is my honest opinion .

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