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About the Book

Be the Miracle
Book Title: Be the Miracle
Author: Delores Liesner
Genre: Non-fiction, Christian living, devotional
Release date: June 1, 2018
Whether we title these unexplainable happenings miracles, God-sightings, or some other name, people love to hear of such occurrences. Why? They increase our faith by providing evidence of the miraculous in our everyday lives and heighten awareness of God’s desire to minister personally to us and through us.
Delores Liesner is a prayer warrior with a track record of seeing Christ work in her life and the lives of others. Her articles, devotions, and columns reflect the excitement of seeing miracles transpire, and now her book chronicles many of these amazing experiences. You’ll enjoy it.—Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, author, Jesus in the 9 to 5
My time with God in the morning is the most precious part of my day. Be The Miracle is a devotional filled with wonderful personal stories that will build your faith and stir your heart to receive fresh grace from God and be on the lookout for new ways to serve Him each day.—Dan Walsh, bestselling author, The Unfinished Gift, Remembering Christmas, and The Dance
Miracles happen all around us, every single day if we’ll only be sensitive enough to recognize them and thank God for His divine intervention. Author Delores Liesner shows us that whether a miracle comes as the smallest kiss from heaven or a life-changing act of God, our Heavenly Father is still in the prayer answering business, and as the Word says: ‘We have not because we ask not.’ I love this book! It makes me want to shout about all of the times God has come through for me. It will encourage you, too! It’s a must read! —Michelle Medlock Adams, award-winning, best-selling author of more than 80 books including her latest Get Your Spirit On! Devotions for Cheerleaders and Love & Care For the One and Only You

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About the Author

Delores is a storyteller. Her passion, whether writing or speaking about activating faith is to be the miracle for others.
Over a thousand of those stories, devotionals, and teaching articles are published in print and online, including a compilation of 31 stories and life-changing challenges in her devotional, Be the Miracle! (Elk Lake Publishing). Delores is often spotted reading (3-5 books at a time), trying new recipes, or munching dark chocolate and orange peel. Her personal ministry is to benefit children with life-threatening illness via Fullness of Life Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ

Guest Post from the Delores

Would you believe a cow turned me into a miracle-believing lady? Though I’d always known about Jesus dying on the cross, and the Bible being God’s words, it took a couple of amazing and unexplainable events for me to understand miracles could happen to me!

We didn’t realize we were risk taking when we hopped in the car and headed for Colorado. Youthful and ignorant˜ in the ways of the world, we were excited to learn that the organization who produced the memory verse cards and Bible studies our friend had given us were having a conference that began the next day, we packed up and went! A startled young man answered our phone call, made when we were already half-way across the country and got to thinking maybe we should have told them we were coming!

The conference was full, but separate rooms across campus were found for us. Consequently we only sat by each other during meetings and some meals, so we didn’t compare notes until on the way home. That was when we both started sharing the same message from God – to give a certain amount to a missionary for 6 months. We did not have the money and the only amount in our budget that matched was groceries. Would God ask us to give up groceries for 6 months? We felt He would, so that He could surprise us with the provisions in a most unexpected way – like sending a cow!

That is a bit of a teaser for Surprise Us for Dinner, God, the first story in my upcoming 31-day personal challenge devotional, Be The Miracle! You see, when God did that miracle-series at the beginning of our Christian life, we knew He was real, and that He dealt with people on a personal level. If God could do this, we figured, He could do anything, and we have many amazing stories that prove it!

Each of the stories is a true incident of God leading me to bless someone else (often a stranger, but sometimes someone we knew), or someone bringing us an unexpected answer to prayer.
When I began sharing stories like You’re the One, The Wrong Store?, Stranger No More, and Impossible Dreams, there were two main responses. Some women were excited to relate to stories of miracles in their own lives, and some women wondered if God would do miracles through them too.

I always share that I do not believe God is a giant get your prayers answered here vending machine, serving us just to make us ‘happy.’ The joy in these stories, and their life challenges, is that God wants all of his followers to be His hands and feet (and less often his voice) in the world. Just as we can represent our spouses with our children, and our supervisors with the public or with other employees because we know them so well, and understand how they would respond to a situation, we can know God in such a personal way that we can represent Him to others too.

That takes time. And that is why each story is followed with a verse, its teaching and a challenge you can follow to recognize and activate God’s command and gift to be “the miracle” – the messenger delivering an answer to prayer.


I wasn't really sure what this book was going to entail. The title screamed miracles are everywhere and I figured that I was going to read some stories about unbelievable events where God performed miracles.  The first lesson I received from this book is to not judge a book by its cover or in this case by the title.  I never really thought of miracles as anything but God healing someone when it seemed hopeless or saving someone from certain death. 

In this book I found wonderful stories of people who needed help, prayed and God answered their prayers when they thought there was no hope. How many of us have paid for someone's meal in line behind us at a drive-thru? We will never know how much that person needed a miracle that day. The book has made me become more aware of listening to God and obeying what He has called us to do. As the author says, "He wants us to be His hands and feet." So many times we need help, but we don't ask. I liked how the book is set up that after every chapter is scriptures that reflect on what was talked about in the chapter. It gives us a challenge ,to  pray and prepare ourselves. 

I am a huge fan of bible studies and love journals. This is the perfect book for me. I do remember a time when my youngest son was eighteen months old. He started having seizures and broke out in a rash all over his body. He was transported to the hospital to have tests done. I noticed one nurse refused to come near my son. I asked her why and her answer hurt but I understood. She was pregnant and the doctors suspected that my baby had meningitis. His room was quarantined and only people who were covered in protective suits  could come in. The nurse was frightened for her unborn child. In that moment I knew he didn't but I told her to remove herself from his care and to take care of her health.  The hospital decided that my baby needed more specialized care and we were transported to Children's Hospital into the ICU UNIT.  I was looking for a miracle that day as my child was hooked up to IVS and machines. 

Suddenly it became very quiet and my child says, "Hi Jesus." I looked at my son  in shock . My son said that Jesus looked right at him, smiled and said he was going to be fine. Everyone in the room stood silently as my son was healed in that moment. The seizures, stopped, the fever went away and my baby stopped crying. Yes that was a miracle ,but it was also a miracle that the right people were in that room and witnessed what a little boy believed. 

There are still times I think about about that time and pray let me me a miracle to someone. Let me bless them. Put me in the right place at the right time. I have shared with a few about my violent and abusive past. When the holidays come, I get very depressed. When I was growing up, every Christmas was the same. I would sit and watch my brothers open up present after present. I never received any.  I would cry out to God to please send me a doll
or a stuffed animal. I never got one by I always believed that someday a miracle would happen. Last year in the mail was a package. It had my name on it but no return address. Inside was the cutest little baby doll I have ever seen. I cried with joy and thanked God that he didn't forget me. I treasure that doll. God sent me a miracle last year that I will never forget. 
We never know when God will assign something to us. It may sound weird but I know that I will obey because there is a reason. What about the lady in the story that couldn't pay for her clothes? God had someone there with just the right amount to pay for them. If we want people to truly see Christians as loving and compassionate people we need to be willing to get out of our comfort zones. I love how the book gives us a plan of action everyday. Praying and reading scriptures is top priority to me. I'm glad that I have space in the book to jot down my thoughts and come back to them when needed. 

Overall I really enjoyed the book and understand more of how we can be a miracle to someone else. We don't know what others are going through, but God will direct our path, place us where needed and give Holy Spirit direction of what to do. Another thing I learned from the book was the challenge made that said, " I dare you to look up verses that say listen or listening." I will take take that challenge and have started doing just that. Thank you for writing a book I will use over and over again. 

"Be still and know that I am God."Psalm 46:10

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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