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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


I really enjoyed the concept of this story. Most marriages are based on love, but sometimes a marriage is a matter of helping a person out who seems overwhelmed, and needs help with children. Matthew is way over his head with five young children , one which is a baby to raise on his own. I laughed sometimes at the things the children did that made Matthew want to raise his hands up in surrender.

Gracie is a wonderful character who has always wanted  a family and to be married. Looks like the perfect arrangement is going to happen to benefit both Matthew and Gracie. A marriage between them seems like a great solution, but is it? They are both in for surprises in this story that brings two people together in a emotional journey to forgiveness, hope and love.

There are many people who are there to  give advice to the couple and they all have good intentions but after awhile I think they both just wanted to get married and try to get back to a normal life. The children definitely need a mother to nurture them and Gracie has a heart filled with love for them. The question is, do either her or Matthew feel anything for each other?

The story is sprinkled with wonderful scriptures and wisdom that feels the heart with hope. Matthew and Gracie each will need to discover what God’s plan is for their lives as they blend marriage and family into a place of love and forgiveness. I loved how the author wrote the story with glimpses inside the hearts of two people each wanting to find love. Gracie is a very compassionate woman who finds herself praying for a marriage that is filled with love, while Matthew must come to terms with a tragedy that he blames himself for.

I was captivated by the children in this story and how much they needed guidance and a feeling of knowing they were wanted. They keep Gracie on her toes and at times are stubborn. Baby Grace is a special child that brings two people a renewed hope and reminds us all that God is in every marriage . We must remember not to worry over little things but be thankful for each day that brings us joy and love. I loved this story because it reminds us that family is important and when you don’t give up when things are hard, God is there to open your eyes to unconditional love.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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