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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Emma Lee is at it again with her wit and charm. I just love this character so much . She would be so fun to hang out with. Well there is that little thing that she sees dead people that may give me chills.  The story is fun to read and I love the small town gossip sessions that go on.

Poor Emma Lee is in big trouble when she and a friend have a disagreement at the funeral home. It is no surprise that the friend is found dead soon after the very public shouting match between Emma Lee and now dead friend.  Can you guess who the number one suspect is? For some reason the new sheriff , Trevor has it in for Emma Lee.

I was excited to see the return of the handsome Jack Henry to try to keep Emma Lee out of trouble. It is a hopeless job for him, but it sure is fun to read how hard he tries.  Emma Lee wants to help her friend cross over and will stop at nothing to accomplish it. It doesn’t hurt if she can clear her name as she and her friend gather up evidence to prove who the real killer is.

You are in for a few twists and surprises in the story that had me gasping and saying, “You are kidding me.” No I didn’t see the twists coming and that is why the author is so gifted and able to keep her readers guessing till the end of the book. Grab a glass of sweet tea, get comfy and enjoy the latest story with Emma Lee as she takes on another case of a ghostly adventure.

I received an arc copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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