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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


This is a nice clean romance story with two people trying to get over past relationships. Lulu is a spunky woman who walks dogs. I think really most of the dogs walk her though. She has moved to this charming town to get away from bad memories and to start a new life.

Brad is the fire chief and his good looks make women swoon around him. Well not everyone because for some reason Lulu tries to avoid him. When her apartment is destroyed in the fire, she can’t help but run into Brad. He is sympathetic and worries if she will find a place to stay.

I really loved how the community came together to help Lulu. Can you image sifting through your burned out apartment and suddenly see a group of women with cleaning supplies ? They are there to help their friend Lulu. She is overwhelmed by the outpouring support of the town.

As we get to know Lulu and Brad better, we find out they are both hurting from something. They each have trouble trusting and it may be hard for them to let their guard down. Brad is such a caring person and I loved how gentle he was around Lulu. He didn’t rush anything and allowed them to get to know each other slowly. You can feel the uneasiness as Brad and Lulu start to realize they may have feelings for each other.

The story is a beautiful picture of finding  yourself and letting go of the past. Be sure and grab a copy and follow Brad and Lulu as they search for peace and a new beginning,

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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