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Saturday, August 31, 2019

state of lies FB bannerAbout the Book

Book: State of Lies
Author: Siri Mitchell
Genre: Suspense
Release Date: August 13, 2019
State of liesMonths after her husband, Sean, is killed by a hit-and-run driver, physicist Georgie Brennan discovers he lied to her about where he had been going that day. A cryptic notebook, a missing computer, and strange noises under her house soon have her questioning everything she thought she knew.
With her job hanging by a thread, her son struggling to cope with his father’s death, and her four-star general father up for confirmation as the next Secretary of Defense, Georgie quickly finds herself tangled in a political intrigue that has no clear agenda and dozens of likely villains. Only one thing is clear: someone wants her dead too.
The more she digs for the truth, the fewer people she can trust.
Not her friends.
Not her parents.
Maybe not even herself.

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About the Author

SIRI-MITCHELL_headshotSiri Mitchell is the author of 14 novels. She has also written 2 novels under the pseudonym of Iris Anthony. She graduated from the University of Washington with a business degree and has worked in various levels of government. As a military spouse, she lived all over the world, including Paris and Tokyo. Siri is a big fan of the semi-colon but thinks the Oxford comma is irritatingly redundant. Visit her online at; Facebook: SiriMitchell; Twitter: @SiriMitchell.

More from Siri

A Sense of Place
I’m so excited about the release of State of Lies! Among the many reasons for my excitement is the fact that I set the story in my own home town: Arlington, VA. Here are some things you might not know about Arlington:

  1. Arlington was originally included within the borders of Washington, DC.
  2. Arlington isn’t actually a city – it’s a county. We’re the smallest self-governing county in the nation.
  3. Arlington regularly takes the top spot as the most educated place in the country.
  4. Arlington LOVES books. I count at least a dozen different little libraries in my neighborhood alone.
  5. Our region often has a hurricane warning or two every hurricane season. Can you guess where I’ve seen the longest lines when people start to make last-minute preparations? It’s not the grocery store; it’s not the hardware store. It’s the library! (Why wouldn’t you stock up on books too?)
  6. We host Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Marine Corps War Memorial, and the Pentagon.
  7. We are home to the very first Five Guys hamburger joint location.
  8. We are also home to the headquarters of over a dozen national agencies as well as organizations like Rosetta Stone and Nestlé.
  9. People who attended our high schools include Sandra Bullock, Warren Beatty, Shirley MacLaine, Katie Couric, and Patch Adams.
  10. The thing I love most about Arlington? Its people. Countless government contractors members of the federal workforce live here. I number them among my friends and neighbors. I’ve never met a group more dedicated, more informed, or more determined to put their expertise to good use. And guess what? My heroine, Georgie Brennan, is one of them!

The Pentagon and Washington, DC


Wow! I have just read one of the best espionage, suspenseful books ever. We here all the time about spies, people taking bribes and secrets being passed along enemy lines.   It isn't every day that I come across a book that is so good, I wish I had a contact in Hollywood. What a wonderful movie this book would make. I even pictured who would be good as each character.

Georgia is a great character with brains and attention to detail. When her husband is killed in a car accident, she starts to suspects something is wrong. Could it be that she sees cars following her, or that her house is broken into that brings her to look over her shoulder? Her husband was involved with the FBI somehow, but he kept his assignments secret, which makes Georgia grow uncomfortable when she finds something suspicious hidden in the house. 

The story takes us to the desert over seas during a time when our soldiers were fighting to preserve our freedom. Something happened out there that causes chaos and turns high ranking officials into deceitful people who commit the ultimate act of treason. There were times I thought I had the story figured out, but the author put twists in and I had to rethink my guess. The characters are strong and there is a good amount of information about the different branches in the government. 

Georgia had a very hard time trusting anyone and at times wasn't sure if she should even stay around her neighborhood. Get ready for some explosive surprises and unexpected suspects in this very intriguing book. I did wonder why this is classified as a Christian book because there was no mention of God, scriptures or faith that I remember throughout the story. At the beginning of the book is a scene about intimacy between a married couple. I didn't find it offensive, but some readers may so I wanted to mention it in my review. 

I did enjoy the story very much and it was a non stop action filled book with plenty of secrets that could take down very important leaders. I did feel the ending was a bit rushed but overall the book was intriguing enough to keep my interest.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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