Sunday, November 22, 2015


I do love mysteries and when you put that with a Christmas theme , you have a great book. I loved the two stories that were packed in this book. The characters are well developed and fun to get to know. This author has always written great stories that intrigue me and makes me stay up late into the night to finish the last chapter. This book is no exception.

In "All Is Calm" we are introduced to Lauren Everman. She has a passion for horses and when she suspects one is going to be hurt she leaves late at night and hides out at a ranch she went to as a child. Why did Lauren stay at the ranch when she was a child? What secrets does she have? It seems that Brendan Waddell has questions for Lauren. He has found out   that she has been accused of a horrible crime and he doesn't fill comfortable with her on the ranch. The ranch is a safe place for foster children and he wants them protected . Will he believe Lauren's story ? Can they work together to solve this mystery? The story moves along at a fast pace, and will bring you a great ending filled with holiday cheer.

In "All is Bright"  we find Delilah Carter. A very giving woman who is the manager of Tidewater Inn. Delilah is always willing to go the extra mile to mile others. She seems to live a quiet and comfortable  life, but that will soon change. As she is driving one day she is suddenly run off the road. Who would want to hurt Delilah?  She turns to the Sheriff, Tom Bourne to help her find the person who would intentionally run her off the road.  There is one small problem with asking for help from the Sheriff. Delilah is not sure she can trust him. Will she be able to tell him about her past? Is there a connection to her past and the person who ran her off the road? Get ready for a quick ride as this mystery is filled with excitement and intrigue.

The stories are good and sometimes a bit rushed but overall a great read for mystery fans. I did notice a theme in both stories thst I found interesting. Both women had secrets from their past and it was hard for them to trust others. How many of us have done the same thing? We keep secrets so we won't get hurt or judged and when these women opened up they found peace and people willing to help. I loved that part of the stories. I'm not sure if the author wrote the stories with that  underlying message, but it sure did make me think of how we push people away at times to protect ourselves from unseen harm.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild for an honest review.

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