Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Have  you ever felt like you wanted justice but never got it? Did you wish that you could have another chance and make things right? Maybe Bennie  Rosato will get a second chance in this fast paced thriller. When Jason was twelve he found himself in jail for fighting in the cafeteria at his school. He had no choice but to defend himself against the bully, Richie Grusini. Jason has Bennie as his lawyer and she feels it will be a simple case and he has nothing to worry about. Guess she didn't figure on getting a judge that is hard nosed and believes in zero tolerance when it comes to school violence. Yes, she gets a judge who wants to prove a point. It is not going to be a good day for Bennie or her client.

Fast forward to thirteen years later and we find Bennie still haunted by that case so many years ago when a young boy needed a break. Maybe she can make up for it. Bennie has a chance to ease her guilt when she finds herself face to face with Jason, the young boy she couldn't forget about. He is facing serious charges this time . Remember the bully he had a fight with at school all those years ago? It seems like he is being charged with his  muder . Why would Jason place himself anywhere near someone who ruined his life? Does he still hold a grudge and has now decided to seek revenge?

Bennie is at her best in this story. She is very prepared and is on top of her game. The story is packed with action, twists and writing at its very best.  Pay special attention to the courtroom scenes as they are electrifying. I love how determined Bennie is and the fire she has for winning this case. This is another home run for an exceptionally talented author who makes a story cone to life.

I received a copy of this book from the Goodread Giveaway program for an honest review.

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