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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I am in awe right now of the book I just read. Is it possible to write another book in a series and make it better then the first one? Yes it can be done and JC Morrow has done it with an explosive story so captivating that I didn't stop reading till I finished the book. Kayden had one mission and that was to kill the Prince.  As the new book opens in the series,  we find out that Kayden has done quite the opposite. Did she do the unthinkable? Can she truly have feelings for a man she was ordered to kill? I felt her anguish as she discovers that she failed at her mission, but is secretly happy that she was able to save the Prince from harm. Will she have to pay for her failure ?

JC has given readers another book that will keep you on the edge of your seat as the action is heightened and the suspense more intense. I felt myself in the castle walking down the halls and seeing the guards  posted at their assignments. I felt the urgency in Kayden as she realized that the Prince  was in danger once again. The tender moments between Kayden and the Prince are written with real emotion that JC expressed with depth and grace. The action at the ending of the book is fast paced and truly a masterful work of art that explodes with intensity. Well done JC Morrows. Once again you have written a book that captures the true spirit of a gifted author.

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