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Sunday, December 27, 2015


What a beautiful story THE WEDDING CHAPEL is. It is about two generations  as story flows like delicate flowers nestled in a vase. The story starts during post-World War and continues to the present day. The author takes readers on a journey where families will make tough decisions and the hope of finding love that will last forever. I loved how the characters were portrayed and the realism the author wrote as they experience secrets , betrayals and a misunderstanding that could stand in the way of love.

Jack and Taylor are as different as night and day, but they eloped one day because of love. I loved when he said he, "Wanted  to be her hero." He wanted her not to regret taking a leap with him." As many couples do, they have disagreements. But when Jack tells Taylor he has a photography job for her you say see her face lightup. Will this job be a stepping stone in her career? What mystery will the building she is photographing unveil?

Collette is in town for a cast picture for the show "Always Tomorrow." She has been the matriarch of the show for six decades and the era has  come to an  end. I loved reading about Collette. She reminds me of several actors from soap operas that have recently gone off the air.   The grace and elegance Collette presents on screen will be missed by her many fans. The photographer for the shoot is Taylor, Collette's niece which I was excited to read. I could see the story start to entertwine and the drama that was about to unfold.

There is one more person to add to the mix and his name is Jimmy. Now Jimmy , also known as Coach has just been notified that "Architecuture Quarterly" wanted to send a photographer to take a picture of The Wedding CHAPEL  on his property. The chapel is a very private and enduring but sad  memory for him. Why did he build it? What long forgotten love will it expose?

The author does a great job of going back and forth between eras while telling a beautiful story of long lost love, new love and a love that spans a lifetime. It's intricate details make the story special and cast a picture of a beautiful chapel nestled away just waiting to be discovered. It's time to join the characters and explore a story that will have you  shedding tears, laughing and discovering long forgotten dreams. THE WEDDING CHAPEL is a master piece of words that paint a priceless picture of love.

I received a copy of THE WEDDING CHAPEL from the Fiction Guild for an honest review.

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