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Saturday, January 2, 2016


Stacy is at her wits end with her teenage son, Hunter. He is depressed, moody and an extremely unhappy person. She enters a contest where one lucky person will get to spend the holidays with the  famous Robertson family of Duck Dynasty. She knows the chances are slim that her son will win, but when she receives  word that indeed her son will be enjoying Christmas with The Robertson's , she can't believe it.

Hunter is not really thrilled with his new plans for Christmas, but off he goes on an adventure that will have a huge impact on his life. I loved the compassion and caring that the author wrote as Hunter was introduced to the family. I believe they are just like that if you meet them in person. The family is faith based and is willing to open their home and heart to a young man they don't know. He needs to see how a family cares about each other and guidance from some  spiritual men. The Robertson men do a great job of including Hunter in activities and he starts to open up a little.

The story is well written and I felt like I was in Miss Kay's kitchen watching her cook as Phil is in the other room watching tv. I did get a chuckle when Willie kept disappearing without an explanation. What is Willie plotting? It has funny moments, serious moments and encouraging moments as the story unfolds. As Phil shared his story with Hunter, I could feel the depth of love Phil has for Jesus. Overall the story is one I would recommend for everyone to read . It is such an inspirational story to watch as Hunter experiences things like duck hunting and cooking for the first time. Does he finally fit in somewhere? Will his relationship with his mom change when he returns home? I enjoyed the traditions that were shared in the story, which gives readers a glimpse into the real life of the Robertsons. The presents Hunter gets from the Robertson's were very thoughtful and one will make a huge impact on his life.

Thank you for writing such a beautiful story of faith, family and love. It will be a treasure to read this story ever year  to remind me of what Christmas is really about.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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