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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Upon receiving this book , I picked it up several times to start reading it. I would read a few chapters and then as I cried I put it down. Each story, each person in this book did what many of us may not be able to do. They stood up for their faith in the face of certain death and  were killed because they would not denounce God. The term martyr to me means standing up for your faith without fear , no matter the cost. I have read in the past about people that have been martyrs but I guess I just forgot that it is still going on today. Can you imagine going to a foreign land where Christians are hated? In this book are many stories of people who stood up, spread the Word of God and paid the ultimate price.

Just a few pages in, I read a story of a pastor and his twelve year old son who were taken because they were Christians. They told the father to denounce being a Christian and return to Islam. He refused and had to watch in agony as his son was tortured. In the end they were crucified along with several others. It was such a hard story to read, but it happens all over the world.

Throughout the book is historical names and more recent ones that have stood up for their beliefs. They have chosen to be missionaries and to spread the love of Jesus to all the nations. I was fascinated by all the stories and learned a lot about other countries. I loved when the author said we can pray for those who are in countries that are unsafe for Christians. At the end of the book the author gives insight to "the persecuted church and what the saints are enduring in different regions of the world." He also includes several organizations that need help . I encourage you to read this book slowly and take in all the information. I didn't realize all the people who had given their life while doing God's work. They are true martyrs and I will keep this book close by to remind me of their true faith. I pray that I too may always stand strong and not be afraid to say I am a Christian.

"Jesus told us that a servant is not greater than his master. And that there would be those who would suffer for His  name's sake."

I received this book from Book and the option to leave my honest opinion of it was up to me.

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