Thursday, November 10, 2016


The beginning of the story is quite hard to read at times when we meet Charlene. She is a pretty woman who is in a very violent marriage. The beatings she takes are horrendous and she feels hopeless and trapped. I've often heard people ask why women stay in abusuve relationships. For Charlene she does it to protect others. As you read the story you will understand her sacrifice and love for others. I loved how she cried out to God for help. Her faith was so powerful and I loved how the author showed that through Charlene 's actions.

Dale is Charlene's husband and a powerful attorney. He loves the power and control he has over Charlene. He threatens her constantly and never has any remorse. The author did a great job of showing Dale as an abuser and how weak he is when he is not in control. Will he be able to continue to hurt Charlene?

An unexplained occurrence happens one day when Dale decides to leave Charlene in an abandoned house that was in his family. When they get there Charlene realizes she is going to be left there with nothing.  The house is in shambles and there is no food or furniture. In her despair she calls out to God to help her. God was right there with her as she found herself going back in time to 1903.  The description of the house was so remarkable I actually felt like I was standing in the kitchen looking at the old stove. I could hear the crackle of the wood as it heated the room. The heat spread across the rooms with warmth and coziness. I have read several time travel books, but this is one of the best I have ever read. The author seamlessly went from 2013 to 1903 with such detail I wanted to stay and live in 1903.

The story picks up with her introduction to the people in the house. Miss Kate is someone I would love to be around. She is a hardworking woman that was gracious and loving. She made me feel like I was setting at my granddad's farmhouse watching the cows graze in the pasture as she baked rolls. The other person who is so vital to the story is Billy. He is good looking and a hard working rancher. The rest of the story you need to read on your own. I don't want to spoil any part of the eloquent story that I couldn't stop reading. After finishing the book I sat for a moment and thought about what I just read. Charlene trusted God to help her and knew that she was loved by Him. He knew when she was hurting and surrounded her with His grace.

It is a powerful story that shows readers that God is always  there and He loves you unconditionally. When Charlene was at her lowest and cried out she found out that "God was hope."

I received this book from Book and the option to leave my honest opinion of it was up to me.

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