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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I have not heard of either of the authors of this book before, but boy was I in for a treat. I have a great love of books and each one is a treasure to me. This book made me laugh so hard I was crying while trying to tell my hubby some of the things in the book. I will never forget the bear story. Can you imagine you and a bear in the wilderness with pots and pans to arm yourself with?  There are great stories throughout the book that have insightful lessons for all of us.

The beautiful way Alaska was described made me think of  the world that God created for us to enjoy and explore. The authors really had their hands full at times with mishaps and misunderstandings. Along their journey, they experienced surprises, answered prayers and a closer relationship with God. I loved the story about them praying for a table. God really answered their prayer that day with three tables. He knew what they needed and gave them exactly what they needed. The best part of the story is how they talked about God "uses broken , used up people to carry out His plans." The tables they were blessed with were not new, but to them it was perfect. Do we dismiss people because they look less than perfect to us? We need to learn to trust God and not discard what we think is unusable .

Each chapter is filled with adventure and a reference to a story from the Bible along with scriptures. There was one story that really made me think about myself. One of the author's was talking about  being bullied as a child because of his weight. I was teased as a child because I was so thin kids called me toothpick. I was very shy and hated everything about myself.  Through his story I truly understood what it meant to see others the way Jesus does. I loved when he said," But the great truth is that we no longer have to look at ourselves the way the world does. We only need look at ourselves the way God does. And He thinks we're super. " Thank you for writing a book that is funny and teaches us to rely on God.

I received this book from Book and the option to leave my honest opinion of it was up to me.

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