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Monday, May 1, 2017


I was intrigued with this book from the beginning. It was eerie to read about a dead man that was alive and coming out of a coffin. The crowd was awestruck until the man feel down. Was he really alive the whole time? Was it an illusion to get an audience to come to the show? Magicians have always fascinated me and the author does a masterful job of taking us into a world very few people get a glimpse of.

The references to Houdini and his secrets were so intriguing that I was captivated by the authors superb knowledge of him. Can you imagine working beside Houdini? What would you do with all the secrets you knew about him? Wren is a great character and I found her to be sly, steady, aware of her surroundings and guarded with secrets many would want to know. Why has the FBI asked her to help solve a crime? Wren is very well know among the illusionists and she is very suspicious of anyone who wants to expose them.

I loved the beautiful writing and the way the author swept us to a time period that many don't talk about. Houdini was very smart and taking on Wren as his apprentice was everything she had hoped for. Secrets and mystery take this story to back alleys and unsavory characters. The author has written another story that takes figures from history and mixes them with fictional characters . The end result is a masterpiece of intrigue , exciting characters, secrets that must be kept hidden and danger that lurks in the darkness. This is another outstounding book by an author that mixes reality and fiction and gives readers an exciting look into the past. 

I received this book from The Fiction Guid. The review is my own opinion .

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