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Thursday, August 25, 2016


I picked up this book and started reading and right away I loved what the author was speaking . The beginning is very powerful and encouraging. . As leaders we have a great responsibility to "follow Jesus which will release destiny in others." The choice we need to make is are we going to be good examples for those who are following us? Leaders need to be encouraging and always speaking life into those they are mentoring . I have heard this said many times, "You can only go as far as your leader will take you." I have never forgetten that. Being  in leadership made me more accountable to God and I took that  seriously. I wanted my life to be pure and without blemish. How can we be examples if we are doing things that are not honoring God?

It is easy for a leader to say words that might discourage a young person not to pursue leadership. But guess what? We will have to answer to God about those that we discouraged. I don't want to go before God and be asked, "Why did you not  train that young person to be a leader? Why did you turn him or her away from Me? We need to start encouraging the youth to listen to their calling. If they hear that they should be on the Praise and Worship team, then take them to the leader and allow the Holy Spirit to begin working.

I loved when the author said, "God is not going to open doors until you get up and do something." That is so true. It's like your teen saying he wants a job. The job isn't going to come to them. They need to go out and pursue a job. The author really encourages us to find out what we are passionate about. I knew I had a passion for children. I loved being around them and I loved to talk to them about  Jesus. Then it hit me one day, so this is my ministry that  I've been called to. I loved every minute I was allowed to minister to the children in the church. I loved watching them grow in the word. But the most rewarding thing to me was the privilege of being  able  to mentor to some of them to be youth leaders, be in the Praise and Worship Team and others who wanted to stay with me and minister to the children.

If you have youth that are showing a desire to be a leader , encourage them, and pray for them. The enemy is right there waiting for a way to slip in and cause havoc in their life or discourage them. Surround them with Godly people and help to keep their eyes focused on God and their calling.

The book is such a valuable tool for the younger and new believers to keep their focus clear, and to guide them to what the word says. It is a very uplifting and valuable tool  to those who read the book. You can't help but feel energized and ready to see what God has in store for you. New believers need to find someone they can be accountable to. This helps them in their walk and will keep them covered in prayer. I'm excited as I read this great book. Raise up  young people and new believers. God is ready to show you your desires and help you fulfill your destiny.

"How exciting to know and understand that God saw you as a choice vessel and handpicked you to be His servant."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest recview.

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