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Thursday, August 25, 2016


What a great book to use as you have family prayer time. I love the way the author has set up each day. It starts with a little prayer and reinforces it with scripture. I love the book  because it helps the entire family read the Word together .  There are different subjects you can prayer about and even has scriptures for holidays and how you can pray for that particular day. The author also includes a story that is very encouraging and gives us a glimpse into her family life and friends. We live in a society where everything is rushed and an urgency to get tasks completed.  Now is the time to take back some of the time that the  enemy has stolen and begin a prayer night  with your family.

I know prayer is powerful and I know it works. We just need to discipline ourselves to make prayer time with our family a priority. I love the different options the book gives for interactive prayer time. The book is easy to understand and gives lots of examples of prayers and activities to build on your prayer time. Families need to be strong , stand together and pray for each other. Through this wonderful book you can lead your children to be more bold in their prayer life. It is a great way to build a stronger relationship with your children and allow them to share what is on their heart.  I love to see a young person praying for someone. It is very powerful to watch and reminds me of "The faith of a child."

After you have completed the ten devotionals with your family, the author has included "100 More Simple Ideas For Family or Group Prayer." There are so many diverse ideas that really encourage readers to extend prayer time by doing things like bring a bible night or family reading night. This is so exciting to read about and I'm encouraged to instill this in my home.

My youngest one is sixteen and the only sibling still at home. We were discussing prayer the other night. I was a bit anxious about a medical test I was going to have done. We started talking and without blinking an eye, my hands were grabbed and my wonderful child started praying for me. I was overwhelmed with joy and tears. We have taught our children how important prayer is and to pray for  each other daily. It was a humbling experience to hear my child prayer with confidence over me. After reading through this book I am excited to start implementing this very well written book into our daily family time.

"The Lord cherishes our focus on prayer , especially when we do so as a family."

I received this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.


  1. Dearest Deana, I am the author of the book, Family Prayer Made Easy. I am so very humbled by the review you have written that I came across online today. I want you and your readers to know that I am here for you in prayer to support and encourage you. I hope everyone will set aside that precious time with your families as you have beautifully shared and see what powerful works God will do. For nothing is impossible with God! I pray God moves beyond any measure to your souls' delight! Thank you so much for being a Remarkable Light in this sometimes dark world. I love you in Christ, Precious Sister and Beloved Readers!
    --Teresa J. Herbic,
    Author, Family Prayer Made Easy

  2. For you and your readers, Deana :-)
    Free Bonus Devotional "Praying for Our Pets" available online now at: Thanks be to God :-) Have a wonderful weekend!,